Nodo alla Gola


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    "Nodo alla gola", in english “knot in your throat”. It's LOIA's first work. 18 blasting tracks of fast and raw hardcore/punk with death and black metal riffs. Printed in 475 copies on black vynil. Artwork by guitarist Stefano aka Coito Negato.
    Recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Bellia at Hammered Sound Studio in Florence.
    Mastered at Enormous Door, Austin, Tx.

    "when your nerves are so tense and your angst is so uncontrollable that you can’t even swallow, you can’t even breathe, and your fucking skull just feels like it just can’t withstand the exploding emotions happening inside your head. This is the music of LOIA – an onslaught of blind, rabid rage made of blackened hardcore punk and crust that hits you like a fucking swarm of thorns, crashing through your eye sockets and passing through your skull with the brute force of a storm of bullets. Splintering shards of mauling powerviolence, echoing waves of Void and Siege-worshiping hardcore, crude and barbaric grindcore infested with black metal that separates flesh from bone with millisecond-long excavations of rage straight into the listener’s flesh. This is LOIA – uncontrolled hatred, unadulterated bitterness, and suffocating chaos that will rip your life to pieces."

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released November 19, 2015



all rights reserved


LOIA Florence, Italy

Andrea: urla
Camilla: bacchette
Stefano: corde

LOIA is the dirt that we all hold upon us, the one we'll never wash away, around our neck, behind our ears, the dirt from which we'll never get rid of. The one we are forced to live with as capitalism and time. We're consumed, corroded and devoured. ... more

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Track Name: Ares
We're divided and conquered by consumism every day. Everyday beaten and sedated by police and media, everyone on it's own. That's our war and we fight it everyday.
Track Name: Incubi
Wake up and scream in the night, hidden behind blankets, like dirt under nails, wake up. Remember me, I'll be you demon, teeths on your flesh, nails on your skin, whistling and weeping in your dreams, invoke me as I'm eating your flesh. Scream to me, your butcher, shout to me as I'm grinding your soul.
Invoke me, Scream to me, Dream me. 
Wake up, remember me, I'll be your demon.
Track Name: Brucia
Christ burns and shouts, regrets, curse it's faithfulls, bane upon the dirty servant preacher.
Spectre of past rise again, superstition rise again, ancient fear, inquisition.
They hide and burn guilts, there's no god upon that altar.
Cursed servant preachers, burn with him in the temple of the lord.
Give your flesh, drink that blood in this primordial rite.
Eat your flesh, bring them for the holy inquisition.
Entrust the holy inquisition, rise again superstition.
Track Name: Cadavere
Broken hands below this altar of stone.
Skinny faces, sunken in dust.
Will we be aloud to inhume them with stones.
Thorny faces, without piety.
They bury proves of evidence waiting for holy absolution.
A false plastic piety.
It remains only human flesh, waiting for the crows.
Dies in a tacit approval.
Track Name: Angoscia
Anxiety, it's like a noose on my neck, it destroys my guts and makes me puke.
Anguish covers my forehead with sweat, tired eyes signed by sleepiness.
It never leaves me alone, I'm never alone.
My restless companion never leaves me.
It consumes me, corrodes me inside.
Track Name: Catrame
You don't care, you never read the news, you're happy cause your born in the “first world”, your family is rich and living was never a problem for you. Looking through your window, staying behind the glass. Sooner or later life will come knocking at your door and will take you through those streets across town, and you will bite tar. Till all your expectations will be destroyed. Till you wont have nothing to lose, cause you'll have already lost everything.
Track Name: Tempo Parassita
Parasitic time
Time runs by and macerate our life, devouring moments.
The never ending conflict that vex my life, a breathless run without any destination.
The illness, parasitic time.
Capitalism, the commercialization of my life.
Track Name: Rabbia
Sweat on my skin, anger on my shoulders, I wait inside myself with my hate, direct and simple. My anxiety, a shiver runs under my spine. I'm waiting to break out all this anger, that's what brings me on, life against reality to stand my ground.
Track Name: Il mio presente
I wake up cold, as I was dead, dead, dead. In my mind, always same words are running, Everything it's a nightmare, my existence.
Thoughts whistling in my mind. Like a storm.

Track Name: Ancora Sveglio
I'm still awake, a kick to the blanket's, I turn and turn my head on the pillow.
Still awake, restless and covert, under those humid blankets.
Still awake, clamped lids.
Still awake, darkness doesn't fall.
Still awake in my dreams tonight, still awake
Track Name: LOIA Warriors
Loia warriors.
Heavy Metal LOIA, everything else is boring.
Join the army.
The LOIA Army.